Summer Dance Schedule June 19- August 24
Open Drop in Classes for Toddlers-Adults
Monday 9:00am Adult Ballet
Monday 10:00am Toddler Movement
Tuesday 9:30am Dance n Tone
Tuesday 9:30am 3 & 4 yr old combo
Tuesday 10:30am 5 & 6 yr old combo
Tuesday 5:30 pm Tap I/II (ages 7+)
Tuesday 6:30pm Adult Tap
Tuesday 6:30pm Contemporary Jazz (Ages 12+)
Wednesday 5:30 Ballet I/II (ages 7+)
Wednesday 6:00 Pop Pilates
Wednesday 6:30-8 Int Ballet (ages 12 +)
Thursday 5:30pm Ballet I/II (ages 7+)
Thursday 6:30pm Modern (ages 12 +)

Princess Dance Camp July 10-14 and August 14-18
Cheer Camp August 7-11 




We do not post our class schedule on line for many reasons. With a large schedule of classes, as we feel best suited to place each dancer where they belong based on teacher assessment of experience and skill set. Our classes are designed to be developmentally appropriate for each age. We also limit our class sizes and therefore classes fill and close on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on prompt return phone calls and individualized attention. Please call the studio for more information 383-9967
This class meets weekly for 45 minutes. 30 minutes of guided activities and 15 minutes of free play and socialization. Class structure consists of circle time, large and small motor skill activities including the use of props, musical instruments, balls, scarves, creative movement and self expression all set to music. This is a wonderful way to introduce your toddler to instruction in a group setting. Mommy, Daddy or caregiver stays to facilitate. Friday Morning and Saturday Morning classes available.

Classes meet once a week for one hour and include fun songs and activities for gross motor skill development. Various props are utilized, such as musical instruments, scarves, parachutes, ribbons and more. An introduction to Pre-Ballet, Pre Jazz and Pre-Tap are presented. Focus is on listening, following directions, rhythm and musicality, movement and fun! This age group has a special end of year performance at the studio where family and friends are invited.

This class meets once a week for an hour and is divided into three 20 minute segments for the first half of the year. We begin with a creative movement warm up, proceed to the barre for basic technique, center floor for adagio and allegro, and then 20 minutes of song and tap. This group will participate in our end of year recital with some assistance by the instructor.

In an hour we work on basic ballet and tap technique both at the barre and center floor. As the attention span lengthens we increase our knowledge base. This level will perform 1 ballet and 1 tap dance in the year end recital. Our focus is to provide a good foundation of positions and proper technique and to expand the dancers vocabulary.

This is for the student who has had a basic introduction to Ballet & Tap. We work to refine the skills presented in Ballet & Tap I while also increasing the speed. Placement is reinforced and additional positions and steps are presented. This level prepares us for a full hour of study the following year.

This is an hour class progressing through classical Cecchetti ballet technique. Barre, Center and Progressions across the floor are given and clean technique is emphasized.

This is an hour and a half Cecchetti technique class progressing to pointe preparedness. Longer class time allows for full Barre, Adagio, Petite and Grande Allegro, leaps and turn drills to build endurance for the 2 hour class to follow.

This is a 2 hour class including 30 minutes of pointe work at the end of Cecchetti technique class. Pointe readiness is determined by the instructor, podiatrist screening as well as ankle and postural strength and stability on a per student basis.

Jazz classes are structured with Advanced level classes extending to an hour and a half. Warm ups are always included as well as isolation exercises, stretching and strengthening exercises, progressions across the floor and choreography. Many styles are presented including Theatrical, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Traditional and Modern Jazz. Our focus is to expose our students to a wide variety of styles so that they acquire a broad foundation of Jazz dance.

Tap classes are structured by level and mastery of skills. Introduction of theatrical tap, rhythm tap and improvisation techniques are presented at all levels. Rhythm and musicality is stressed along with speed and clarity of sound.

Modern dance is open to those students who are a minimum of 12 years of age and have at least 5 years of dance technique background. Modern dance is interpretive and requires body awareness and full body manipulation. We present our students with a variety of modern techniques including Graham, Cunningham, Limon as well as more contemporary styles.

Open Classes are offered for those students who are age 12 and up and at an Intermediate level. They are pay as you go ($10/class) and we occasionally have guest teachers to present various styles of dance. Beginning Fall 2015 Open Ballet is Saturday @ 10:00am. Open Yoga will be Saturday 9:30am. Dance n Tone will meet Tuesday 9:30am & Saturday 11:00am. Adult Ballet is Monday 9:30am & Thursday 9:30. Tai Chi is Thursday 9:30am.

Adult Tap is offered for those who wish to resume tap as an adult dancer. This is a beginner/intermediate level, non-performing group and a fun filled technique class with a lot of laughs.

Dance exercise, aerobics, toning and floor work all in a 1 hour class. Sneakers, comfortable clothing and a towel are needed. Mats and light weights provided. Set to upbeat fun music, no dance experience necessary!

This beginner yoga class is for students to learn correct alignment and breathing through basic yoga postures.
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